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Connecting with Kim at Kensington ParkThroughout life’s collective of experiences, each and every one of us have all been on the emotional roller-coaster at one time or another. Throughout my time in senior care and particularly through this role as Director of Family Services, I have seen that caregivers ride this roller coaster even more than most due to the challenging needs, transitions and emotions that they grapple with each day. They are lending support to not only their nuclear families but also their loved one whose care needs are mapped on a seemingly ever-undulating landscape.  None of us can avoid the roller-coaster that loops around at different times of our lives, but what we can do is utilize tools that allow for rejuvenation and self-care. For those that are caring for family members who are experiencing change, don’t forget to ask yourself at those heightened and most challenging periods, “Where would they be without you?”.  Your self-care is critical to not only you but your loved one – particularly around the holiday periods. They need to see
and feel your strength through this time period as well.  As you may struggle with feelings of guilt for placing your loved one or feel
challenged with finding new purpose within a new community living setting, remember that you have made it this far – there is strength in numbers – others are going through the same things that you are. Make a promise that in 2019, you will be proactive about self-care and not stay on the roller-coaster ride for longer than you need to! Pursue peacefulness during the holidays, find ways to simplify those moments that may otherwise be complicated. Take solace in knowing that there will be a time when visits with your loved one will get easier. Enjoy those who bring positivity and light to your life. Seek experiences that nurture your spirit and inspire you – try yoga, volunteerism, hiking, tai-chi or plan travel to someplace that you have only dreamed of.  Be your own gift to yourself and know we are here for you when the ups and downs of care giving overwhelm you.

Feel comfortable reaching out to me if you would like,

Kimkitta Cariah-Butler
Director of Family Services