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Connecting with Kim

Making the Most of your Time with Loved Ones

At Kensington Park, our residents enjoy incorporating family members in their day to day experiences and the ability to take in the lush nature-filled environment truly makes for creating enjoyable moments.

We are often asked by family members how to navigate their visits with their loved ones. We do hope the following tips will serve to enhance your time with your family member, encourage stress-free moments for you and your family as well as build lasting memories.

Plan Your Visit Ahead of Time: Partner with your loved one’s care team to best determine the most successful time for a visit. A planned visit during a favorite activity or a meal may reap the greatest rewards. View the community calendars to stay in tune with the schedule for each day.

Maintain positive approach and body language:  Be sure to make eye contact and position yourself where your loved one can best see you.

Remain Present: Disconnect from your electronic devices to give your loved one your undivided attention.

Modify your Communication:  You may need to speak a little louder or slower so your loved one can interact with you more positively.

Bring a focal point to their environment: Consider bringing a favorite snack to enjoy, old photos for reminiscing or a favorite pet to visit.

Be mindful of the length of your visit:   Find a balance to the length of time for your visit. Allow your loved one to still participate in activities of choice at KP and allow them to feel content when it is time for you to depart.

Don’t Let Dementia deter you from having a positive visit:  Remain patient. You may need to repeat yourself or help the conversation along on occasion. Partner with your loved one’s care team to support with any additional challenges that you may encounter and stay positive.

Plan a task during your visit: Take a short walk or find a park bench to sit and take in nature together. Enjoy a meal together, read a story or provide a hand massage.


As time passes, take a moment to glance at these tips to remind yourself of what is important. Our loved one’s needs may change over time, so we may need to adapt the ways in which we support and modify our interactions.  Remember, any time that you can spend with your loved one is precious time well spent. Enjoy your visit!

For additional information call Kim at 301-946-7700 or email her at

Kimkitta Cariah-Butler
Director of Family Services