Mary Mell Photo

Mary Mell

Executive Director

I STRENGTHEN the bonds among residents, their families and my team because I believe life is richer when relationships are sound. I imagine myself in the position of others so I can relate on their terms, compassionately. I see strength before weakness, sun before clouds, upsides before downsides. My optimistic nature creates a culture of positivity that draws our Kensington Park family close.

  • Advisor
  • Coach
  • Empathizer
Perri Holod Photo

Perri Holod

Director of Sales & Marketing

I ENGAGE fully in the lives of Kensington Park residents and their families. From the time I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be with and work among seniors any chance I could get. I stayed the course and now offer wisdom from a lifetime of focus on improving the lives of older adults. Inspired by an exceptional relationship with my Mother, I continue to appreciate the joy and challenge of age. I honor my Mother by sharing her lessons to care deeply, treat others kindly, work passionately and give generously.

  • Connector
  • Ray of Sunshine
  • Soft Heart
Barbara Duncan Photo

Barbara Duncan

Director of Community Relations

I SHAPE our “big picture” of extraordinary care by participating fully in “little picture” interactions every chance I get, with love and lots of it! As an energetic Mother of five happy kids, I bring a protective maternal instinct to my relationships with residents, colleagues and community professionals. I am intuitive, fearless and resourceful, and I do, be or get whatever we need to help residents and their families feel like part of ours. I do not rest until I know I have contributed something positive to whoever crosses my path.

  • Partnership Creator
  • Dot Connector
  • Mama Lion
Kimkitta Cariah-Butler Photo

Kimkitta Cariah-Butler

Director of Assisted Living

I CHERISH our residents and their families deeply. I exude genuine interest in their stories, their wisdom, their dreams. I am a captive audience when they share, and go out of my way to bring the best parts of their past into their present. I am determined to exceed expectations and will not rest until my standards of excellence in care and service have been achieved, and then some.

  • Solution Finder
  • Soul Feeder
  • Sounding Board
Iris Pierce Photo

Iris Pierce

Director of Memory Care

I PRESERVE the comfort and security of our memory care residents.
I am their strength when they feel weak, a calming influence when they are frustrated. My intuitive nature enables me to sense what residents need, even if they have difficulty communicating. I recognize that dementia is complex but believe that simple gestures of regard go a long way in making moments of joy last a little longer, for residents and their families.

  • Guardian
  • Nurturer
  • Moment Minder
Janet Goldberg Photo

Janet Goldberg

Director of Independent Living

I UPHOLD the wishes of residents to be in charge of their lives to the greatest degree possible. I strive to create a community that brings the best features of their past lifestyle to their current one. I work closely with my team to give residents more time for leisure pursuits, cultural enrichment and socialization by relieving them of the tasks of running their own home. I respect the individuality among us yet treasure the sense of unity we share, as if we are one, big, happy family.

  • Dream Realizer
  • Listener
  • Servant Leader
Heather Flattery Photo

Heather Flattery

Director of Community Outreach

I EXCITE the community about our community! Through education, as a Master of Public Health, and in my vast volunteer experience I have developed a passion for seniors. I engage with others through nurturing connection. Here I have seen lives transformed, health preserved, friendships borne and hearts made full, including my own. I relish in the thought of helping others find a place to call home, so I build relationships with community members and area professionals to increase awareness about Kensington Park. Then, together, we find ways to share our services and care with those who need what we have.

  • Creative
  • Problem Solver
  • Sharer of Stories
Letty Diai Photo

Letty Diai


I MONITOR the financial transactions of our community to be sure our fiscal health remains robust and sustainable. I have directly experienced the impact that service organizations, such as Kensington Park, can have on the people they serve. As a result, I champion solvency so they can continue to touch lives in beautiful ways. My keen business sense and comprehensive understanding of accounting enable me to keep our ledgers balanced and our financial pulse strong. This, in turn, helps pave the way for continued success.

  • Number Cruncher
  • Organizer
  • Achiever of Goals
Memuna Kamara Photo

Memuna Kamara

Director of Nursing

I ADVOCATE on behalf of seniors who need support as they seek comfort amidst challenge. As a nurse, originally from West Africa, I have lived, trained and worked among diverse environments, and bring a strong work ethic and comprehensive clinical knowledge to our residents. I am satisfied with nothing less than excellence in nursing care and am relentless in making improvements to systems that deliver it. I deeply respect our residents and make sure my team and I put whatever they need within easy reach.

  • Champion
  • Reacher
  • Soother
Matt Pasowicz Photo

Matt Pasowicz

Director of Environmental Services

I MAINTAIN the beauty, safety and operation of our community. I ensure that all working parts of our building are running smoothly, efficiently and continuously. I oversee the care of our grounds to preserve the beauty and growth of our landscaped spaces. Inspired by the exceptional work ethic of my father, I roll up my sleeves every day to plan, organize and manage a resourceful team of technicians and craftsmen who keep our community sound.

  • Engineer
  • Fixer
  • Builder
Morissa Harris Photo

Morissa Harris

Director of Dining Services

I TRANSFORM each mealtime gathering into a sensational dining experience. I take great care to ensure that our dining atmosphere, cuisine and customer service are impeccable. As a consummate people pleaser who grew up cooking beside my Dad, bringing satisfaction to others as they dine is my nature. I know what makes our residents happy because I continually ask them what they like. And then, I do whatever it takes to deliver.

  • Happiness Generator
  • Information Seeker
  • Young Old Soul
Leigh Anson Photo

Leigh Anson

Move-In Coordinator

I BRIDGE the gap between the familiar and the unfamiliar for residents and their families. I coordinate every logistical, administrative and emotional matter related to move-in day. I prioritize, organize and systematize, and then document recommendations that help make moving as stress-free and joyful as possible. I listen intently to understand all that is precious to incoming residents. No length is too great if it helps me pave the way for a smooth transition from a nostalgic past to a bright future at Kensington Park.

  • Conductor
  • Comforter
  • Collaborator
Jessica Power Photo

Jessica Power

Music Therapist

I HARMONIZE with residents, using song, rhythm and instruments to provide relaxation, relieve stress and decrease agitation. After years volunteering with seniors abroad, I was inspired to use my dual-degree in Music and Psychology to bring the joy of music to older adults. Once completing my Masters in Music Therapy and MTA certification, I joined the team at Kensington Park, sharing my a passion for the emerging field of Music Therapy and creating a new opportunity for residents to listen, move, sing, and create music as a compliment to other forms of expression, communication and exercise.

  • Bright Spirit
  • Collaborator
  • Innovator
Carson Photo


Kensington Park's Best Friend

I CHARM our residents and all who visit with my dashing good looks and outgoing personality. I’ve had the good fortune to be around seniors since I was 10 weeks old. I love them all and look for every chance I can get to spend time by their side, whether sharing an afternoon walk or snoozing nearby in a patch of sunlight. I greet each day ready to give love, kisses, comfort and companionship. I am a best friend to many and feel privileged to call them my family.

  • Welcome Wagon
  • Protector
  • Schmoozer