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Annual CarFit Drive-Thru: Drive Safely with CarFit
Thursday, May 16th 9am-1pm. Click HERE & Book Your Spot Today!
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Wellness Kensington Park


We promise to love and care for your family as we do our own.

Kensington Park is deeply committed to a holistic approach to care for seniors. Our unique services appeal as much to the emotional, social and spiritual wellness of residents as they do to their mental and physical health.

Creative Arts Therapies (Music Therapy)

Lady working with paint

Whether a composition for the eyes, a melody for the ears, a two-step for the feet, or textures for the fingertips, the arts are good for seniors. Creative experiences and activities are not only joyful but are also therapeutic. They encourage social interaction, autonomy and a sense of purpose. They provide alternative ways of expression, reinforcement of problem-solving skills and a boost in self-esteem. They keep the mind engaged, the hands or feet moving and the senses stimulated. They can even ignite a forgotten but meaningful passion. All of these promote healing, which contributes positively to well-being of the mind, body and soul.

Kensington Park’s robust Music Therapy program reaches the very heart of our residents. Our in-house team of board-certified music therapists run this clinical intervention program onsite daily. One-on-one, dyad, and small group sessions use song, rhythm and instruments to provide relaxation, relieve stress, and decrease agitation. Our therapists assess residents’ areas of functioning and then establish personalized goals and service plans. These plans are focused on non-musical goals, such as improving mood or increasing social interaction and cognitive stimulation. Family members are involved in the entire process with monthly progress reports, regular photos and videos, and invitations to sessions and performances. 

Interested in experiencing the power of Music Therapy for yourself? Watch our virtual Music Therapy sessions here!

Brain Wellness

Brain Wellness is a brain exercise program that stimulates, restores and maintains cognitive abilities for individuals with related deficits. A licensed speech therapist (ST) assesses current level of functioning and designs a regimen of brain exercises suited to each participant’s abilities, needs, and interests. The goals are to keep the brain as active and healthy as possible, preserve strengths and slow or halt progressive decline. After the initial assessment, our dedicated Brain Wellness Coordinator assumes on going implementation. She arranges one-on-one and small group sessions for our residents, meeting two to three times a week to strengthen cognitive abilities. 

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the use of structured, unstructured, stationary or moving pressure on the body that provides relaxation, recreational comfort and an improved sense of well-being. Residents sit in a massage chair or lay down on a table or floor mat. Massage therapists apply tension, motion, or vibration with hands, fingers, knees, forearms, feet or mechanical devices. The goals are to relax the muscles, soothe aches, improve posture and increase range of motion.

Personal Training

Personal training is a one-to-one exercise program designed to address an individual’s unique fitness needs. A certified personal trainer evaluates the participant’s condition and then customizes a plan that accommodates current thresholds yet sets progress goals along a timeline continuum. A personal trainer or personal training assistant carries out the program. The goals are to improve cardiac conditioning, increase strength and manage weight. 

Beauty Salon

We offer three luxurious beauty salons across campus, one for each dedicated neighborhood. Our professional hair stylist’s array of services include cutting, coloring, perms, blow-drying, shaving and grooming for men, as well as spa manicures and pedicures. Residents can book appointments through the concierge service at the front desk. The serene salon atmosphere combined with our stylist’s excellent customer service make for a relaxing time for our residents, helping them to feel and look their best.

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