Residents Live Optimally Independent Lives

Our Genesis Rehab partner provides outpatient rehabilitation services, to help our residents regain or retain their optimal level of independence. Genesis offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and fitness programs.

The therapy expert focuses on one simple vision for our residents – to help them live dignified & optimally independent lives.

Genesis Rehab Services at Kensington Park tailors each individual’s therapy plan to his or her unique needs, including those with complex clinical diagnoses.

Kensington Park Genesis Rehabilitation

We offer specialized programs and services to meet the varied needs of our patients including:

  • GRS Compass Program© is for our residents with more advanced physical changes to the brain including memory loss, confusion, communication problems, difficulty performing familiar tasks, and changes in behavior and personality. To help these individuals lead a safe and successful journey through the various stages of dementia and our SPA Living.
  • Seniors Pursuing Active (SPA) Living® Health & Wellness Program which helps seniors improve their health and maintain or regain their fitness while supporting and promoting independence. This program, which combines seminars and exercise classes focuses on both mind and body. SPA Living provides the resources, motivation, and encouragement to help older adults find satisfying levels of personal wellness. This comprehensive program uses the expertise of physicians, residents, healthcare providers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and exercise physiologists
  • Brain Fitness is a cognitive health and mental flexibility program that stimulates, restores and maintains cognitive abilities for individuals with related deficits. A licensed speech therapist (ST) assesses current level of function and designs a regimen of brain exercises suited to each participant’s abilities, need and interests. The goals are to keep the brain as active and healthy as possible, preserve strengths and slow or halt progressive decline.
  • Balance In Action® is an evidence- based fall risk management clinical initiative for individual patients with increased risks of falls in any care setting.