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Caregiver Support Group Kensington Park

The role of a family caregiver can be difficult. Caregiver support groups are supportive, safe environments that allow caregivers dedicated time with others who are going through similar situations or coping with a new normal. Support groups can be comforting landings to give and receive support – roles that are key to a family member

Being in a caregiver support group can allow caregivers to focus on their needs, not only the needs of their loved one. The meeting once a month is a gentle reminder that family members and caregivers need to put themselves first . . . even if only for a few hours each month! The caregivers in the group are caring for loved ones affected by a variety of diagnoses, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia. It is not limited to a specific group.

Many caregivers or family members may think they don’t need a support group. Family caregivers need to be mindful of when it is time to look for more support. Symptoms of exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, frustration or irritability can all be self-indicators that caregivers need more intervention. Focusing on their own needs is key.

Kensington Park’s Caregiver Support group is hosted every month on the second Monday.  The first meeting for 2019 is March 11th at 6:30pm facilitated by Leslie Mason LCSW-C, of Seabury Resources for the Aging.

Kimkitta Cariah-Butler
Director of Family Services

Kimkitta Cariah-Butler Director of Assisted Living at Kensington Park headshot.