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Connecting With Kim: Resilience

Connecting With Kim

Resiliency is not only about enduring a family member’s declining health – but is also about learning to thrive in the face of the changing health needs of our loved ones.  Research has shown that building resiliency can improve our optimism, help us with facing fears, improve physical and brain fitness, improve cognitive flexibility and enhance our spirituality. Is everyone naturally resilient? We all have varying levels of resiliency and possess the capacity to learn and improve resiliency through repeatedly facing tough times with an open mind.

Resilient caregivers are often physically and mentally healthier. They are better able to make decisions about their loved ones’ care, have lower stress levels, and are able to communicate more effectively about their loved one inside and outside of their family dynamic.  They are often better suited to make proactive decisions as they have adapted to a more realistic view of the uncertainty that the future may bring. Of course, this sounds far simpler than it is in reality, especially when we are so emotionally connected to our loved ones.

Remember, our loved ones will feel far more comfortable knowing that a strong caregiver can handle the responsibilities of all the decisions that are being made on their behalf – and we lower their stress factor as a result!

Surely, the role of caregiver is one of life’s most difficult passages.  The more we improve our resiliency, the better equipped we are at facing added challenges.  Remain mindful about recognizing the need for added support.   This month we will host our final Saturday Caregiver Connect at 10am on June 8th. Consider joining the morning group or our regular ongoing Monday evening Caregiver Connect at 6:30pm. Add to your toolbox of building resiliency. Deeply resilient people allow themselves to be transformed by their experiences.  It is a skill that can surely be applied to all aspects of life!

 Kimkitta Cariah-Butler Director of Assisted Living at Kensington Park headshot.

 Kimkitta Cariah-Butler
Director of Family Services