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Frequently Asked Questions

As I often assist families and help them navigate through changes and challenges, here are a few commonly asked questions that our KP families have found helpful, I hope you find them beneficial as well!


My loved one’s State Identification card is expiring. How can I renew it, and do I need it for KP?  ID Cards are renewable at the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Valid Forms of Proof per the Federal Real ID Status are needed. ( and there is no fee for an ID card replacement. A KP Resident’s identification information collected at move-in is maintained confidentially for the duration of a resident’s stay at Kensington Park. Kensington Park does not require an ID or renewal for any reason.


It was recommended that my loved one have Speech Therapy, but they have no trouble speaking- We don’t need Speech Therapy!  We are fortunate at Kensington Park to have Genesis Rehab Services partnering with our care and clinical teams. Speech Therapy (ST) assesses a resident’s ability to communicate, eat and swallow. In many instances, ST is able to identify strategies that enable the KP team to better assist a resident with acclimating to a new environment and helps that resident settle in with confidence with their peer group. They can also help improve overall communication skills – making it possible for the resident to better understand and respond to others. Please see your building director for specific questions.


I moved into Kensington Park with my own physician. I have been here for two years – can I now see a physician on campus?  At Kensington Park, it is a resident’s choice to maintain their own Primary Care Physician for as long as they prefer. Kensington Park also invites physicians into our community to enable all residents to have enhanced access to great providers that visit on-site. In Independent Living, there is a clinic and a Physician’s Group that visits weekly. In Assisted Living and Memory Care, there are four providers that support Primary care needs and a variety of Specialists to include audiology, podiatry, dentistry, psychiatric services, a dietician etc. Please see the Director of your community for specific information.


It is becoming more challenging to go to the VA services in D.C. for my parent’s care – what can I do? For our resident Veterans, many do not know that there is now a Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) in Montgomery County. The CBOC is located on 15810 Gaither Drive in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It provides Veterans with primary care, women’s health, mental health and social work services, as well as nutrition counseling, pharmacy consultations, audiology device fittings and specialty care via clinical telehealth technology. VA community partners will also be on-site to offer access to community resources. Contact the VA at 202-745-8000 for additional information.


Is there a Notary on Campus? Kensington Park offers complimentary Notary Services to our residents and families. Please see the building concierge if you wish to arrange an appointment.


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Kimkitta Cariah-Butler
Director of Family Services