Kensington Park’s Annual Speaker Series: Local Author Spotlight
Tuesday, May 21 at 2pm: Paul Dickson, Bob Levey, Dan de Vise (panel)
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Kensington Park’s Annual Speaker Series: Local Author Spotlight
Tuesday, May 21 at 2pm: Paul Dickson, Bob Levey, Dan de Vise (panel)
Spots are limited. Click HERE & RSVP Today!
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Ring in the New Year with Your Senior Loved One

Ring in the New Year with Your Senior Loved One

There are so many ways to celebrate the new year with a senior loved one, and especially when you live just outside the nation’s capital — one of the many joys of our elegant Kensington Park campus. 

From five-star dining that rivals the area’s finest restaurants (and you never need a reservation at Kensington Park!) to our concierge, who will graciously arrange booking and transportation to the restaurant or party of your choice, if that’s your wish, you can expect to experience a New Year’s Eve celebration worthy of the phrase.

This is just one of the many overlooked opportunities of a senior living community. You get all of the luxuries of the location, community, and active lifestyle, but none of the headaches and increasing challenges of managing a household.

As you ring in the New Year with your senior loved one, is it time to begin thinking about giving them the opportunity to enjoy a simpler, yet more active lifestyle?

Steps to Exploring a Transition to Assisted Living or Memory Care

  1. Assess Your Loved One – Conversations about senior living can be stressful. Often they are triggered by a significant event or moment of awareness that your loved one needs additional care or supervision. 

Framing these initial conversations with a positive approach – discussing new opportunities, fewer responsibilities for mundane chores, and increased opportunity for friendships and social activities – is most likely to nurture a sense of relief and eagerness for reinvigorated lifestyle.

  1. Understand the Lifestyle – Senior living has radically evolved from most of our preconceived notions of this lifestyle. 

Assisted living and memory care communities are buzzing hives of activity and energy. It’s not just bingo! You’ll see pets, iPads, VR headsets, current event seminars, music therapy, and field trips to the best shopping and restaurants in the city. And that’s just on Tuesday. Every day is packed with opportunities to socialize and engage at whatever activity level you desire. 

Even before having that initial conversation, we recommend scheduling a tour and visiting Kensington Park to see the lifestyle for yourself. We know you’ll be amazed.

  1. Determine the Level of Care – One of the fantastic parts of exceptional senior living communities, like Kensington Park, is that regardless of the level of care your loved one needs, they will be fully engaged in the community experience. However, it is crucial to do a fair assessment and understand the care your parent(s) need so that they experience a stress-free transition.
  2. Medication and Health Management – This is probably one of the most significant benefits and leading contributions to a better quality of life. Seniors often struggle to consistently and effectively monitor their health and manage their medications. 

Senior living communities take this essential activity to a professional level and optimize with the latest technology and onsite medical professionals from therapists to physicians. 

  1. Preparing for Your Initial Conversation about Assisted Living or Memory Care – Conversations about senior living and planning is often a journey, not a single discussion. It’s essential to prepare yourself by doing your research, visiting various communities, and outlining your options. But, as you begin discussing assisted living or memory care be more open and fluid in your conversations with your parents and other family members. Listen first, be prepared for strong emotions, and don’t push too quickly to facts, figures, and clinical arguments for a transition. Allow your loved one to discover and realize the opportunities for a higher quality of life with increased support and a more active community. 
  2. After Your Initial Conversation – Again, remember this isn’t a single conversation, and even once a decision is made – the discussion should continue. You and your family should stay engaged and active throughout the process of transitioning to independent living, assisted living or memory care. Maintain a posture of loving-kindness. Keep an open ear to listen to concerns and fears. There will be lots of little steps and conversations along the way. All of these are part of the journey to a better senior lifestyle. 

Are you in the midst of thinking or discussing this transition to a senior living community? No need to navigate this alone. 

Our staff is eager to assist you in any way possible – with information or even a personal guided tour of our incredible independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities.

Schedule your tour to experience exceptional.  

How Kensington Park Rings In the New Year

One of the best times to visit and experience all that Kensington Park has to offer is during the holidays. We love celebrating our residents and the season!

At Kensington Park, every day is something to celebrate, and we do so with a profusion of innovative programs and experiences, from an intergenerational choir to engaging group outings to creative arts, and even a certified personal trainer to improve physical fitness!

Research has proven that increased activity and social interaction improves long-term quality of life. Social activities and friendships help reduce stress, preserve wellness, keep the mind sharp, and increase feelings of self-worth, especially for seniors. We’re always seeking and programming new ways to stimulate the mind, strengthen the body, and nourish the spirit of each of our residents.

Come visit us in the New Year, and let us show you why Kensington Park is the ideal next step for your loved one now.

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Memory loss is life changing for all involved. At Kensington Park, we provide a state-of-the-art memory care program, a higher staff-to-resident ratio than industry standards, and more advanced care services. Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

For additional resources regarding your loved one’s condition, please read on about our Memory Care, Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia Care.

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