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Team Member Highlight: Latevi Lawson

Latevi always enters the community with a huge smile and readiness to tackle his overnight shift.  He is positive and has a warm spirit.  I know our community is a safe with him on duty.”– Janet 

Latevi joined the KP team in April 2017 in a part time night security position. By day he is a full time car mechanic and has worked for the same company since he arrived in this country in 1995. Born in Togo he came to this country in 1995 with the American dream to become successful.  He is married and he and his wife have a beautiful daughter who turns 5 in December. His friends say he is a nice, happy and fun and he would do well in Hollywood with his big personality!

He considers himself an adventurer as he enjoys going to new places, meeting new people and having new experiences. Rice, jollof rice to be precise, is Latevi’s favorite food. He listens to jazz, country and gospel music. If he won the lottery he would donate his winnings to his church, invest in the hotel business, build a school and a hospital in his country, and if any was left he would invest it so his family would be taken care of. Latevi describes himself as nice, gentle and happy. He says he is happy every day. He is blessed with his beautiful wife and daughter. When his feet hit the floor in the morning, he is thankful for the new day and makes the most of it.

He enjoys working at Kensington Park, “everyone is very nice and it is a beautiful family”. He says the most important thing is safety and it is his job to keep the residents and staff at KP safe. If he could switch jobs with anyone at KP he would like to work in maintenance because of his mechanical abilities and he just loves fixing stuff.