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Resident Spotlight: Marie & Frank M.

As “You Are My Sunshine” plays in the background, Frank M. looks around the room for his wife of 62 years asking, “Where is my sunshine?” Frank and Marie have lived in The Groves at Kensington Park for nearly five years and Frank explains that even after all these years, he simply couldn’t be without his sweetheart.

Frank and Marie met in Westchester County, New York at a vacation spot where both of their families would spend time in the summers. Marie was 12 and Frank was 16 when they first met, and they started dating a few years later in New York City. A couple of months after Marie graduated from college, they married in August 1957.

Frank’s job as a chemical engineer moved them to Connecticut, where Marie was a homemaker and they raised their young family. Frank and Marie have six children – three sons and three daughters (as well as eight grandchildren!). Three of their children live near Kensington and the others live all over the country; however, they are all very close and get together as much as possible.

Frank and Marie were living in Connecticut when Marie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Frank was able to care for her at home with the help of caregivers until five years ago when his own physical challenges made it necessary for them to move. Frank interviewed fourteen retirement communities – some in Connecticut and some in Maryland – before choosing Kensington Park because it “stood out.” Frank says that the best part about KP is the staff’s warmth, listening ears, and willingness to be flexible.

Frank enjoys reading the newspaper and doing daily crossword puzzles, as well as listening to classical and jazz music. He loves to be with Marie and make her smile. They especially enjoy family visits.

When asked what the secret to a 62-year-long happy marriage is, Frank emphatically shares that the key is mutual respect. He explains that he and his wife never had any real arguments, because they were able to talk things over as equal partners in the relationship. He believes that this respect set the tone for their wonderful children who love them and each other, and says that family is the greatest blessing of their lives.

We can certainly learn valuable lessons in love, respect, and dedication from watching Frank and Marie. We are so glad to have them as part of the Kensington Park family!