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Resident Highlight: Nellie L.

portrait of Nellie L. a resident at Kensington Park Senior LivingNellie has traveled all over the world, but we are happy she has finally decided to stay in one place, here at Kensington Park. As a part of a historical restoration group, Nellie traveled to all 50 states and her group was extremely successful in preserving many historical buildings throughout the country. This was Nellie’s passion, along with raising her family. Nellie has three children who all live in the area and are frequent visitors. Her grandchildren also keep her busy since they all still live in the area as well.

Nellie came to Kensington Park about 2 years ago and has been very pleased ever since. Nellie has made many friends since she moved here but her one friend in particular, Skip G., is whom she is rarely seen without. They bonded over all of their travels and raising their families in the Washington, D.C. area.

Nellie is very involved in all activities here at Kensington Park and she is always willing to try something new. Just last week she participated in Zumba Gold, Canvas and Cocktail night and our beading class. She keeps in tip top shape by walking around Kensington Park campus throughout the entire day. She has many friends in other buildings that she frequently visits for cocktail hour or social hour.

Nellie is a wonderful part of our family here at Kensington Park and we enjoy hearing her new stories every day.