Lewy Body Dementia, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s: Similarities and Differences
Wednesday, March 13th at 6pm via Zoom. Click HERE to Register!
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Lewy Body Dementia, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s: Similarities and Differences
Wednesday, March 13th at 6pm via Zoom. Click HERE to Register!
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Music Therapy Kensington Park Melissa Pate

Musical Notes with Melissa: Dive into Music Therapy at KP!

Melissa Pate

Music therapy is so unique because it blends the concrete and abstract. The concrete is in its measurable results: how many times a resident smiled, the length of time they sustained interaction, the number of beats in which they stayed in rhythm. The abstract, however, is the music itself. Music is the sequence of vibrations that we perceive as pleasant-sounding notes and its sheer power causes our brains to release feel-good chemicals into our bodies. This magic can make us sing, dance, cry and even remember.


Here at Kensington Park, our Music Therapy team captures both the concrete and abstract – then shares it out with the team and families. Clinical progress is tracked via evaluations and reports while social and emotional progress is recorded through photography and video. To see a loved one dancing with joy or singing with clarity, backed with the metrics of how long they remained engaged, is deeply moving.


We want to bring these magical moments to life for you, here in our newsletter, by painting a picture of what our program looks like day-in and day-out. We will share more in the coming months, but first let us introduce all the groups we hold on campus:


Highlands Chorus with Melissa (Sundays at 2:30pm) Come one, come all for an afternoon of singing! No experience needed and all voices are welcome.

Connections Group with Caroline (Tuesdays at 11am*) This recurring 10-week group is for our Connections residents. Focusing on active music-making, singing and light discussion, the residents are given structured opportunities for social interaction, cognitive engagement and self-expression.

Haven Group with Caroline (Wednesdays at 3:30pm) This group utilizes singing and instrument play to increase alertness as well as responsiveness. The type of music also offers opportunities for residents to reminisce about favorite past times.

“Treblemakers” with Melissa (Thursdays at 11am*) This groups offers more individualized music activities and light discussion for residents, particularly for those transitioning from Assisted Living to Memory Care. The smaller size group makes it easier for residents to engage and interact with peers, as the music prompts opportunities for sharing.

Men’s Group with Khyla (Thursdays at 1:30pm*) This 10-week cross-campus group is a music listening and discussion-based group for men that focuses on life-enrichment and social engagement.

Bell Choir with Caroline (Thursdays at 1:30pm) Learn how to play your favorite classic tunes on the handbells! This Woodlands group takes great focus and teamwork and is also incredibly enjoyable!

Women’s Group with Melissa (Thursdays at 2:30pm*) This is a recurring, cross-campus 10-week group for the ladies of Kensington Park. This group features singing, discussion and reminiscence.


If you have any questions about the groups we offer, please reach out to me at mpate@kensingtonsl.com.

*Notes a private pay group