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Musical Notes with Melissa: Fall Music Therapy Groups

Melissa Pate

Music is filling the halls across campus since our Fall Music Therapy groups kicked off! Kensington Park is pleased to offer four different groups in our Woodlands and Groves buildings: The Woodlands Women and The Music Men in Woodlands, and The Treblemakers and The Chromatics in Groves. Our theme is “The Making of Musicals: From Broadway to the Silver Screen.”

Though we will feature the same music in all groups, what differs are two things: how we use the music and what we use it to accomplish. The Chromatics focus on music as means for self-expression, enjoyment, and social engagement, meaning you will likely see more singing and instrument play during the group. The Music Men use the music as a segway into discussion, analysis, and reminiscence to encourage meaningful engagement between the gentlemen. See the difference?

We look forward to bringing our residents together in December for a small performance. We will sing our favorite tunes from the series, and we hope to invite family members too. Thank you for letting us share music with your loved ones!

For more information on music therapy or brain wellness, contact Melissa Pate at