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Happy New Year

Is Volunteering Your New Year’s Resolution?


Dear Residents, Families, and Friends,

Happy New Year to all and wishes for a healthy and happy 2019 from our Kensington Park Team! As we all start the year fresh making resolutions to be healthier and happier, I would like to direct your attention to the topic of volunteering! Kensington Park is lucky to have a core group of regular volunteers devoted to our residents and families. In fact, all of these volunteers either have or have had families at Kensington Park. When asked what they like most about volunteering they respond with “I like making others feel good”, “it brings me joy to see them smile”, “I look forward to seeing my friends each week” and “it makes me happy”. Thank you to all our volunteers for their love and dedication to the Kensington Park family. So, as you think about your New Year’s resolutions, healthier and happier, you might put Volunteering on your list!

Creative Arts therapy! This you might want to put on the list for your family member at Kensington Park. Our creative arts therapy program at Kensington Park includes music and art therapy provided by a certified therapist. Both of these programs are tailored to the individual and/or group needs of the participants. These non-clinical therapies provide an array of benefits that increase quality of life- socialization in groups, one on one, increased vocalization, increased engagement, to mention a few. For more information please reach out to Jess Power, Director of Woodlands, at or Melissa Pate at

As we open a new year our team continues to provide opportunities for our residents to engage with others, support for our families and a continued focus on menu options that keep our residents and families not only health but also delighted.

We love being able to care for you and your families and wish everyone good health and a happy 2019!


Mary Mell Headshot 2017

Mary Mell
Executive Director