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Interns – Future Leaders in Senior Health Care

Kensington Park Interns Kayleigh and NunghThis past summer Kensington Park took part in the training of two future leaders in the field of Senior Healthcare. They are interns Kayleigh Coffey and Nhung Dinh who assisted our staff as interns to learn the daily operation of a retirement community.Kayleigh is a native of Kentucky and, as with Nhung, attends Western Kentucky University. Kensington Park, through the efforts of Tanya Walker, made arrangements with the school to have a couple of their Healthcare Administration majors join the KP team for the summer and expand their skills in caring for the elderly on a regular basis. Although they come from different heritages and life experiences, their dedication to the personal welfare of others converge in an area where it is often needed the most.

Nhung arrived in the U.S. from Vietnam as a high school exchange student and fell in love with the country and decided to stay. She went on to Western Kentucky for college where her reverence and affection for seniors led to the decision to devote her career in service to the generation which, in itself, has done so much for others. As a result, Nhung is planning to work at a retirement community upon graduation in December 2015.

Meanwhile, Kayleigh also possesses a lifelong love for seniors. Growing up in a small town, she cherishes the value of every human being that exists at every stage of his or her own journey through the chapters of life. Her goal is to work in Administration at a long-term health care facility. She is optimistic that opportunities in field are swiftly expanding and will give her the chance to make a difference in the work she yearns so greatly to do.

Both Kayleigh and Nhung thoroughly enjoyed their time with the residents and staff of KP. Moreover, they are most grateful for the support, guidance, and love which came their way last summer. However, the gratitude that they felt is also returned to them by everyone who met them at Kensington Park. It is most heartening to work with two fine young women whose devotion to seniors will have a dramatic impact on the mission of healthcare for the elderly when the torch of leadership is passed on to them.