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Holy Redeemer, A Timeless Treasure

As Seen in Our Parish Times

Holy Redeemer is a community that shares its life and love with others. It’s where neighbors become friends and friends become family. For over 66 years, Holy Redeemer has been known as a place of worship and learning. It has taught students to read and write but more importantly it has taught a community of people how to love and care for others.

Many of its early parishioners still live close by. The community surrounding Holy Redeemer is one that glues an entire neighborhood together. This includes Kensington Park, an independent, assisted living and memory care facility just around the corner. Kensington Park has several residents that have lived in the community since they were little. Many went to school, married and raised their families in this special community.

Kensington Park Residents at Holy Redeemer

Kensington Park Senior Living residents’ favorite place to be on Sunday mornings, back home at Holy Redeemer!

Holy Redeemer has seen many changes since 1950. One thing that has never changed is the community that surrounds it. Kensington Park resident Bob Silk Sr. recalls his fond memories of Holy Redeemer with his son Robbie, a former student of Holy Redeemer. Both men are still in touch with their peers from school; a unique and common quality shared among many of its members. Shirlee M. and Patricia S. two women also living at Kensington Park, also belong to the Holy Redeemer Church. Their children attended the parish school. Both of them recall fond memories of their children’s time at school, in sports and in other church functions. Kensington Park offers rides to mass at Holy Redeemer every Sunday and residents have an opportunity to receive Holy Communion on Wednesdays. Even though the residents are around the corner, they are still a vital part of the Holy Redeemer Community.

They say that life comes back full circle. Kensington Park demonstrates this as it provides many of the volunteer hours needed for Holy Redeemer students to complete their Confirmation requirements. Students visit residents and share their time and talents with those who are older and in turn, Kensington Park residents share their stories and memories that keep them connected to the next generation.

The ties to Holy Redeemer never stop being a relevant part of the Kensington Park resident’s lives. It’s what makes this community unique. The community connects different generations by working with and for each other. The community expands far past the walls of the church throughout the entire town of Kensington. It is here with years of memories, shared stories and love for one another that we understand that life truly comes back full circle.

Holy Redeemer School
Mrs. Colleen Ryan, Principal