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Don and Brenda K. at Home at Kensington Park Senior Living

Highlands Home Tour: Brenda & Don K.

Brenda grew up in China and moved to Rome once her sister married an Italian man. Brenda’s mother was from London who also moved to Rome once Brenda and her sister lived there. Don grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from Pennsylvania State in 1937. He then joined the Navy for a couple years before going back to school, Penn State and Harvard, to receive his Masters and Doctorate. Don’s first job was at the University of Florida doing marketing research for citrus fruit. He then decided he wanted to work abroad with his only option being to go to Liberia, where he lived for six months and battled a case of Malaria. Don then got the call to go to Rome and it took him about 30 seconds to accept the offer.

This is where Don and Brenda first met; they were both working for the United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization. They got married and had four children, Mark, Donald, Steven and Linda who were all baptized in St. Peters Basilica. They moved to Washington, D.C. in 1974 for Don’s work and for the children’s schooling. Don retired in 1991 after working for the FAO in the United States for 7 years. Don and Brenda then built their dream house on Cooper River in South Carolina where they lived for 14 years. They truly enjoyed their time in South Carolina but decided to move to Bethesda in 2001 to be closer to their children and three grandchildren.

Don and Brenda moved to Kensington Park after their son brought them here to look and they decided it was the perfect home for them! They also live with their 10 year old pet parrot that their son, Mark, gifted to them whom Brenda decided was a male that they named Malachey. About 2 years ago, Malachey laid an egg which is when they discovered Malachey is actually a female who has lived a full life in disguise. When Malachey is released from her cage, she likes to fly directly for Don’s shoulder and nibble at his ear, which is an easy target because there is little hair blocking his ears, unlike Brenda. Don and Brenda’s apartment is a perfect representation of their life and all of their travels. They have relics that decorate their walls, shelves and everything in between. Each and every object tells a story, so if you have more than a couple of hours to spare, stop by and travel through time with them! They are so pleased to be here at Kensington Park and we could not be happier to have them!