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Mary & resident at Holiday Party

Happy Holidays!

There’s a jingle, jangle in the air! The holiday season is here and I feel the lightness and happiness the month brings with it and hope you do, too. Yes, there is sometimes stress with shopping and organizing, but when I feel a little wound up, I sit back and recall how to find joy in this time of year. It is not difficult to just let all the experiences flow through our memories. We can recall through each of our five senses the fond times of the past and bring them into the happiness of today.

Let’s think back a moment … Can you hear the sound of laughter of children opening gifts and playing with toys? Were you one of those kids? Can you smell the baked goodies— cookies, cakes, pies—and the roasted meats and veggies? Did you help with the meals? Do you remember the touch of the first snow against your boots and hearing the crunch?

Catching snowflakes on your tongue, and best of all, a warm hug from a loved one? Taste is an easy one as the holidays are full of memories of favorite foods with favorite people in favorite places. What was your favorite holiday meal and who was there? And then the sight of decorations, bells ringing, people singing, gifts, foods and smiles from ear to ear.


Headshot of Kensington Park Executive Director Mary Mell.