100-Mile Challenge

Kensington Park Senior Living Resident participating in the Montgomery County 100 mile challengeWay to go, KP WALKERS, MOVERS & SHAKERS! On January 24, Highland residents embarked on the “100-Mile Challenge,” sponsored by the Montgomery County Recreation Department.  Residents, co-workers, and even our furry, four-footed friends were challenged to walk 100 miles or more in 100 days (20 minutes of continuous physical activity also counted as one mile). Since then, the KP WALKERS, MOVERS & SHAKERS have been hard at work racking up mileage. Residents enjoyed daily strolls through the campus and participated in our daily exercise program. This resulted in the team racking up 1,078 miles in 100 days. Even though the Challenge has ended, our team continues to stay physically active through Kensington Park’s various daily exercise programs. Congratulations, Team KP!