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Braised Lamb with Zinfandel

Zinfandel Braised Lamb


2 Tbsp. EVOO

4 8oz. Lamb Shoulder Chops

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 Tbsp. Ground Coriander

8 garlic cloves, halved

1 bunch thyme sprigs

1 cup fruity red wine (Zinfandel)

½ cup dried cherries

½ cup dried apricots, quartered

2 cups beef stock



In a large deep skillet, heat the oil.  Rub Lamb with Salt, Pepper and Coriander.  Add Lamb to hot skillet along with the garlic and thyme.  Turn Lamb over and Sear on other side. Add Red wine, Cherries, apricots and bring to a boil.  Reduce by half. Add beef broth and simmer covered. Cook until Lamb is tender and sauce thickens.  Discard thyme and serve.

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