Kensington Park’s Annual Speaker Series: Local Author Spotlight
Tuesday, May 21 at 2pm: Paul Dickson, Bob Levey, Dan de Vise (panel)
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Kensington Park’s Annual Speaker Series: Local Author Spotlight
Tuesday, May 21 at 2pm: Paul Dickson, Bob Levey, Dan de Vise (panel)
Spots are limited. Click HERE & RSVP Today!
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What Does “Level of Care” Mean in Assisted Living?

Understanding levels of care in assisted living can help you decide how you or a loved one might benefit most from senior living services to transition as smoothly as possible from one phase of life to another. This is important in helping seniors age in place and age comfortably.

Everyone ages differently. From cognitive to physical health, certain parts of the body age quicker than others. 

As we age, we may depend on various levels of care to maintain as much independence as possible. Senior living residences that offer continuing care provide seamless and supportive levels of care so that each person’s individual needs are met on an ongoing basis.

The Age Well Study found that continuing care residents report significantly more healthy behaviors than other “community-dwelling” seniors, extending beyond exercise, to diet and other healthy lifestyle choices. Of the residents surveyed, more than two-thirds said that moving to a continuing care community “somewhat or greatly improved” their social wellness, which encompasses a person’s sense of connectedness and belonging.

Seniors at various points in their lives can benefit from independent living in a safe environment, to wanting a little support, to needing more involved, daily assistance. Let’s explore more details about each level of care in assisted living.

Level One: Independent Living

Independent Living within a senior living environment is meant for those who are in generally good health and able to live on their own but choose to do so without the demands of owning their own home.

This level of care is focused on providing services for seniors, such as maintenance, repairs, cleaning, cooking, and coordinating social events. At Kensington Park we also provide Concierge Services to assist residents with tasks such as arranging transportation, obtaining technical services, and booking personal appointments.

Independent living allows for flexibility to do what you enjoy most. For example, if you enjoy being out all day, or cooking elaborate meals, you can choose to spend your time that way and have the resources to do so. Otherwise you can rely on the senior living residence to provide your meals and even entertainment, giving you time for other things.

Level Two: Assisted Living 

The next level of care, Assisted Living, provides a more detailed and individualized care plan meant to support each person’s specific range of needs. The goal is to help residents feel comfortable, secure, happy, and dignified. At Kensington Park, we create meaningful relationships with residents, pairing them with a primary care manager to support them and their family.

Beyond the services offered for Independent Living, caregivers support residents with a range of daily tasks, striking a balance between helping when needed and stepping back to help residents remain as independent as possible, depending on their needs. 

The Assisted Living level of care includes services such as:

  • A Primary Care Manager for each resident
  • Full-time RN that coordinates a resident’s medical care and medication administration
  • Licensed nurses on-site 24hrs a day and access to an on-site physician
  • Therapy including physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, brain fitness, music therapy, and one-on-one training programs
  • Fitness center
  • Ongoing Life Enrichment activities
  • All day dining services

Level Three: Memory Care

To help residents live independently for as long as they’re able, Memory Care is a specific level of care that is customized to fit each person’s level of memory loss, providing support where needed but encouraging independence whenever possible.

This level of care includes the services provided for Assisted Living, as well as additional services centered around memory care.

At Kensington Park, we have two “neighborhoods”, each with a customized level of care, from supporting those with mild forgetfulness, to late-stage dementia. Both neighborhoods are cozy, intimate, secure, and staffed by professionals trained to meet residents where they are.

Connections Neighborhood

This neighborhood is designed specifically for residents who are showing increasing signs of memory loss but still retain a large degree of independence. 

To assist residents with feelings of anxiety, fear of getting lost, isolation, depression, frustration, and insecurity, Connections provides a more involved level of care beyond Assisted Living, within a secure but homelike environment to maximize safety and comfort.

Haven Neighborhood

This neighborhood serves those with more advanced memory loss, including middle to late stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

This level of care helps residents who experience difficulty recognizing family and friends, organizing thoughts, and managing the activities of daily life. Residents receive a higher level of care focused on compassion, to maximize comfort and minimize agitation. The neighborhood provides cozy and intimate living spaces that enable residents to explore safely and freely. 

Care at Kensington Park

At Kensington Park Senior Living, our residential lifestyle is designed for seniors at every level, from residents who are fully independent, to those needing some support, and those residing in our memory care community. 

The services we offer allow residents to take advantage of a continuum of care that is seamless and supportive so that they won’t have to leave our community as their care needs increase. The consistent attention of one individual keeps the continuum of familiarity intact. It also preserves meaningful routines for residents. Ultimately, the bond between residents, their care manager, and the entire team deepens, and the care experience becomes pleasant and dignified, rather than stressful.

Reach out to us or come for a virtual visit soon to see first-hand how our levels of care serve residents with a wide range of needs.

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Memory loss is life changing for all involved. At Kensington Park, we provide a state-of-the-art memory care program, a higher staff-to-resident ratio than industry standards, and more advanced care services. Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

For additional resources regarding your loved one’s condition, please read on about our Memory Care, Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia Care.

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