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Mothers day flowers at Kensington

Welcome Message

Tanya Walker with large flower bouquet at Kensington ParkAlong with our celebration of the current season, we also are witnessing the transition to another with all of its goals and hopes for us to reach out for and attain. However, as with any change, a look forward would be impossible without reflecting upon what was accomplished to enhance the high quality of service rendered to our residents here at Kensington Park. This past year has seen numerous changes which have brought, among other things, welcome additions to the recreational programs, the culinary selections, and community outreach events designed to expand the social contact opportunities available to the residents. We, the staff of Kensington Park, recognize that, in order for the members of this community to thrive in body and spirit, our mission of service must be a holistic one in which every resident is encouraged to participate in the mainstream of life to the fullest extent possible.

The Kensington Park team embarked upon a major effort to reinforce its staff with a number of talented professionals, each of whom is well experienced in stimulating the social and intellectual potential of our seniors. The new team members are bringing with them fresh ideas and approaches to service which are essential components for the continued growth of our residents and community. As a consequence, all of us who live or work here at KP have been positively affected by this series of changes. Moreover, there will be additional changes in the coming year as we strive to further raise the high standards of daily life which is the right of our residents. This is the ultimate commitment to which we, the Kensington Park team, devote every minute of the day. There is no finer mission for us to assume, and there are no finer people than those we serve in this extraordinary community.