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Team Member Highlight: The Marketing Team

June’s Team Member Highlight is The Marketing Team! This team is comprised of Perri Holod, Director of Sales
and Marketing; Barbara Duncan, Director of Community Relations; Betsy Davis, Move-In Coordinator; and Conor Duncan, Director of Community Partnerships. This team may be small – but they sure are mighty!

COVID presented a unique set of challenges to the Marketing Team. Beginning March 2020, tours were no longer permitted inside, and by April, no new residents were allowed to move in. The entire campus was in emergency-response-mode, and Perri, Barbara, Betsy
and Conor stepped in to help on the frontline. Their job was to take staff temperatures and screen them for any symptoms, serve meals and cocktails at the Highlands and do whatever else was necessary to help keep the day-to-day operations going. The Genesis Rehab gym, located in the basement of Woodlands, was converted into an entrance point for all employees (250+ people in total). Beginning at 4:45am every day, Perri, Barb, Betsy and Conor (along with Laura and Acacia from HR and a few other team members), would prep the room. Team members would arrive beginning around 5am, sometimes before, and the Marketing Team would be there with a smile on their faces and caffeine in their hands! Although that period of time was devastating and frightening with so many unknowns, the Marketing Team is grateful for the bonds they built with their fellow team members. Pre-COVID, their interactions were often just in passing during tours
or move-ins. At temp-taking, Perri, Barb, Betsy and Conor were able to be the first people to support these frontline workers in any way possible as they bravely headed onto the COVID-battlefield. There were plenty of laughs, tears, “air hugs and high-fives,” and
words of encouragement and motivation. When the outbreak at KP was declared over in late May 2020 and we all began to settle into the long-haul “new-normal” of the pandemic, the Marketing Team came up with creative ways to share the “KP Promise” with future residents and families in need. Tours became virtual and so did events. In June 2020, new residents began moving back in. Virtual programs Live with
Chef Morissa, Music for the Mindy, Body & Soul, Take Care of You and Kensington Konnect had a wonderful following and kept everyone connected and entertained during the lonely days of COVID. Now, a year later, the team is busier than ever. In May, they moved in 12+ residents across campus and hosted in-person Open House at The Highlands, doing 19 tours across two weekends!

Please join us in congratulating Perri, Barb, Betsy and Conor for their hard work over the past year – it took a lot of pivoting, innovating and of course, team work!