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Team Member Highlight: The Dining Team

Congratulations to our February Team Member Highlight: the Dining team! This crew is known across campus for their impeccable service – and never without a smile, of course.

Step into our main kitchen at the Woodlands and you’ll find Executive Chef Morissa Harris inspiring her talented cooks and servers to give their all to our residents each day. They never miss an opportunity to turn an ordinary meal into a sensational dining experience. Chef Morissa and her team take resident input and feedback very seriously, always doing their best to incorporate new suggestions, favorite family recipes as well as KP’s own home-grown produce into the menus.

Notably, the Dining team has been incredibly vital to the wellbeing of our residents during this pandemic. When we were all under quarantine in the spring, and residents were confined to their apartments, room service and meal delivery became one of the most important touchpoints throughout those long days. It was a chance for the team to not only deliver a nutritious meal, but to engage, uplift and serve. This past January, when some residents were again under quarantine, team member Sherial had the idea to deliver hot chocolate and cookies midday as they sang songs to cheer the residents up.

Not to mention, the Dining team loves a good party! From birthdays and anniversaries to seasonal holidays, this team puts on incredible celebrations with the most delicious food, beautiful décor and cheerful spirit. One thing we’ve missed most since the pandemic has been having all our KP families and friends join us for meals, brunches and parties. We can’t wait to welcome everyone back at some point later on this year. It will be quite the party!

Recently, a resident mentioned to Chef Morissa, “I feel like I dine out at a fancy restaurant every single night!” What better way to sum up the fantastic dedication of the Dining team?

Join us in thanking Chef Morissa and all her amazing team members!