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Team Member Highlight: The Business Office

July’s Team Member Highlight is The Business Office! Headed by Letty Diai, our Controller, the Business Office is responsible for overseeing the financial operations of Kensington Park. Letty’s two teammates, Beth Clifton and Patty Savage, divide various responsibilities to support Letty on an alternating schedule throughout the week.

Ensuring the fiscal health of our community is a big job. Day-to-day responsibilities include timely billing, invoice processing, handling insurance paperwork along with managing expenses and working within budget for our campus of nearly 200 residents, their family members and our team of over 200 employees. Every month brings “closing” and as soon as that has been signed, sealed and delivered, it’s already time to begin the process all over again for the current month. It’s a near-constant cycle of focus – and fun – for Letty, Beth and Patty.

Perhaps you’ve never visited our Business Office; it is located on the terrace level of our Highlands building. There you can find Letty in her ultimate comfort zone: knee-deep in the most complex of Excel spreadsheets. A natural genius with numbers, she holds two Master’s degrees in Finance and Software Engineering as well as two Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Computer Information Science. She has worked in senior living for over 20 years and has a deep passion for making a difference in the lives of our residents. Despite the constant deadlines she must work within, Letty will always pause what she is doing to speak to a resident, family or team member who has questions – with patience and a gentle smile. Beth handles all invoices and is an expert with the fine print and little details, never missing a beat. Patty is responsible for billing charges, always on time with cheery reminders for our team and families. Throughout the height of COVID, Letty continued to come into her office (and also covering temperature-taking shifts), while Patty and Beth worked remotely. Their roles were critical in keeping the business-side of our community running smoothly so that Mary and the rest of Team KP could give 150% to our residents and families during the crisis.

Join us in celebrating Letty, Beth and Patty this month. These three ladies are superheroes for keeping our community’s finances running like a well-oiled machine. A huge thank you from all of Team KP!