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Team Member Highlight: The Activities Team

This month, we are honoring our Activities team – who enrich the lives of our residents every day with engaging programming! Some words we’d use to describe this bunch: creative, enthusiastic, loving and flexible.

We have quite a jam-packed schedule of programming for residents running 7 days a week in 5 different settings: Highlands, Woodlands, Kensington Club, Connections and Haven! The time that goes into planning these activities is remarkable. The team is always thinking ahead to the next month, finding new inspiration and ideas or perfecting fan-favorite existing programs. Since we’re such a large campus, you may not be familiar with team members working in the other buildings. We invite you to get to know our one-big-happy-family Activities Team!

At the Groves, you can find Jackie leading the way with hands-on projects like the recent indoor herb garden for Earth Day. Justina makes Haven residents feel heavenly with spa days while Valerie’s artistic talents bring out their creativity. Music therapists Melissa, Khyla and Claire work one-on-one and in group settings with residents – through song, instrument playing like drum circles and movement, too.

At the Woodlands, Jessie has transitioned roles to direct programming, specifically in Creative Arts Therapies, as she is our original KP music therapist (with her Master’s in Music Therapy). These essential arts programs will continue to grow across campus, benefitting all residents. Ashley breathes new life into Woodlands programming with her history teaching and fine arts backgrounds. Elias joined our team last year, and brings new and creative ideas to these residents, like his Puerto Rican Plate program – which spotlights his proud heritage through history, cultural insight and of course, food! In the Kensington Club on the 3rd floor, Kyoko and Ashley are always up to something original, like the Adopt-A-Cow program. Have you seen a photo of our adopted calf, Sara? They even have a special Moo-Cow dance!

At the Highlands, Kate has become our new Resident Services Coordinator after heading activities at the Woodlands. She’s already in full swing, reigniting the current events group discussion, making handmade soap and putting her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts to good use with her deep-dive art history lectures. Plus, we have music therapists Jessie and Melissa running our weekly handbell choir and singing chorus.

These team members are dedicated to bringing the utmost quality of life to our residents – offering opportunities for joy, laughter, education, movement, and connection here at Kensington Park. Thank you, Activities Team!