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Team Member Highlight: Mike Osborne

Mike “The Driver” Osborne has worked at Kensington Park for almost two years now. He is a retired government IT specialist, and in his spare time, likes to travel with his wife and two kids. Most people know Mike as dependable, friendly, polite, responsive, flexible, and a “plain ol’ nice guy!”

Mike always puts the residents first – and this was evident when the KP bus broke down and lost all power during a scenic ride. His quick thinking made him stop at a county bus stop, allowing him the ability to offload residents safely. By the time help arrived, Mike was in complete control with the doors and ramp already extended. He walked each resident to the “rescue” van and got them safely seated. In true Mike fashion, he had a personal comment or joke for every resident as he helped them. Even when they were overloaded into the little van, Mike continued his positive, upbeat, and comical ways, keeping all of the residents happy and entertained! The best part of all of this… Mike was just being himself!

Thank you for all you do, Mike. You are truly a gift to our residents!