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Team Member Highlight: Mark Jones

Mark was born and raised in Linden, Guyana until the age of 9, where he resided with his mother, sister, and brother. His grandmother was living in Maryland at the time, so his mother decided that Maryland was the place to move to have a better life.

Mark was in his senior year of high school when he needed service hours to graduate. His teacher recommended a senior living community, where he started off serving in the dining room. This role transitioned him into working as a full-time employee since he enjoyed it so much. Mark worked with Executive Director Mary Mell and Executive Chef Morissa Harris at the time, and then transitioned to Kensington Park when they came here 7+ years ago. He never looked back.

Mark is our informal “Director of Happiness,” according to Mary. “No matter the day or the situation, he is always constant in his joyful upbeat personality and wonderful warm smile,” Mary said. “I have watched him interact with the residents across the entire campus – he makes them all smile, especially those most in need in Haven, where they are reassured by Mark’s tender loving care and can feel his love.”

Mark loves the spirit and good energy at work most of all. He thoroughly enjoys putting a smile on the residents’ faces each day. The key to his success is having a positive attitude and good energy, which he exudes.

“Mark is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done,” Morissa said. “He motivates the team and loves the residents to pieces! Mark has such a passion for what he does and everyone he interacts with, not only the residents but the families and his colleagues!”

Some of Mark’s favorite hobbies include playing basketball and spending time with his family, which he is very close to and now includes his 5-year-old niece, London.

If Mark did not work at Kensington Park, he could see himself becoming a social worker, as he loves to help people! Thank you for everything, Mark we are lucky to have you here at Kensington Park!