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Team Member Highlight: Magno Portillo

Portrait of Magno Portillo at Kensington Park during winterMagno Portillo, of Maintenance Services, came to the United States, as countless millions before him, with the dream of building a future characterized by success and fulfillment. It is now obvious that through hard, selfless work, he has achieved this goal very well.

Born in El Salvador, Magno immigrated to this country at the age of 17. He attended Wheaton High School for 2 years, and then took maintenance classes to improve his skills in a job field where many organizations are in constant search of quality personnel. He then devoted 10 years of his labor at various companies around the Washington D.C. area. He eventually worked for 2 years at the Huntington Apartments in the King’s Farm section of Rockville before coming to Kensington Park in July 2014.

He found the environment of Kensington Park to be a natural fit not only for its job satisfaction, but also for the loving atmosphere which permeates throughout the community and includes residents, family members, and staff. In fact, Magno’s own life experience awakened within him the sense of a loving home as he witnessed the common bond between the world of Kensington Park, and his personal heritage.

Having been raised in the especially close and devoted circle of a Latino family, Magno grew up with grandparents who personified the wisdom and caring practiced by seniors everywhere. The memory of their love provided him with the moral strength to seek new horizons with the greatest resources of effort and purpose. Magno also enhanced the joys of his life by finding a wonderful partner in his wife, Carolina. He and Carolina are blessed with a daughter, Jennifer, and a son, David. Furthermore, while Magno works full time, his wife stays home to oversee the daily needs of their children. Thus, the Portillos are setting, in their own fashion, a wonderful example to be passed down to the next generation, and those to follow.

As a consequence of his own familial and cultural background, it is easy to understand how Magno has bonded with the KP residents so well. He pays the residents the supreme compliment of likening them to his grandparents through all the kindnesses and consideration that they practice every day. Magno considers himself most fortunate to be in their company. The residents consider themselves most fortunate to have him with us as well.