Team Member Highlight: KP Interns

Interns at Kensington Park Senior LivingOnce again, Kensington Park is playing the role of mentor to a pair of future leaders in the healthcare industry. Brent Stephens and Parker Kuhn, seniors at Western Kentucky University, will work on our campus this summer as interns in preparation for their careers in Healthcare Administration. In particular, each student has his own focus on what will best aid in the learning process. For his part, Brent’s especially interested in the day-to-day operations of the community, and in how the various departments coordinate their respective duties in fulfilling the highest delivery of service to the residents and their families. Brent also is looking forward to gaining first hand insight from residents on what they perceive as their greatest needs. In addition, the young man sees this period as a time to soak up, like a sponge, all that he absorb mentally for further reference.

Meanwhile, on a parallel course, Parker Kuhn is looking forward to his work at KP this summer as well. Along with Brent, Parker has his primary interest in Long Term Care Administration. His immediate goal while on our campus is to observe from top to bottom how a large facility such as Kensington Park functions successfully through the interaction between staff, residents, and families. Furthermore, Parker wishes to study how today’s Healthcare industry generates the growth and changes which will inevitably impact all those with connections to its existence. Upon reflection, it is a pleasure and an honor for all of us at Kensington Park to assist these fine young people as they pursue this unsurpassed mission of service to the senior members of our society. To play even a small part in their education brings us all a considerable measure of satisfaction.