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Team Member Highlight: Kadiatou Bah

Employee of the month at Kensington Park Senior Living, Kadi Bah.“Kadi,” as she is called, is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at our assisted living building, The Woodlands, and was nominated by her supervisor, who said: “Her calm demeanor, thoughtfulness, kind caring attitude and love for seniors makes our residents feel good, respected and cared for. She makes a challenging situation easier. She is soft spoken and works well under stress. She is a team player, works well with the interdisciplinary team and adheres to our company’s standards. We are proud to have her on our team.”

Kadi started working at Kensington Park almost 10 years ago! She has been a member of our nursing department since November 2008. She loves her job as an LPN and has no interest in doing anything else. She says she will stick with what she knows and loves. Her favorite thing about Kensington Park is the family feel of the place and the multicultural dimension. She enjoys interacting with people from all different countries and cultures. She says there is so much we can learn about and from each other.

Kadi’s family is from Guinea, though she was born in Sierra Leone. They returned to Guinea during Sierra Leone’s civil war. She comes from a large family of seven girls. She is closest to her oldest sister who also lives in the United States, not because of their proximity, but because they think alike. The rest of her family still lives in Guinea. Kadi first came to the United States 20 years ago. She says it was challenging at first being in a new culture, trying to fit in, meeting new people and making her way. She worked as a care manager for about five years and, in the process, put herself through nursing school. Nursing is a field she is very passionate about. Kadi is married and has one daughter.

Kadi has no interest in being anyone but herself. In her free time, following her evening prayers, she enjoys reading, especially the Koran, and other good books which help her stay centered and focused on being a good person and staying true to herself and her Muslim faith. She embraces people from all faiths and looks for the common goodness within each person. Her favorite foods are meats and salads. She doesn’t have a sweet tooth. She used to be the lead singer in her school chorus but, although she liked singing, did not like to publicly perform. Now she enjoys country music and her car radio is always tuned to WASH-FM 97.1.

She enjoys being a part of the Kensington Park family and her advice to new hires is:

“Just be yourself. Work hard, and ask questions when you don’t know something. And, most important, be respectful of the residents and your co-workers.”

She describes herself as “good hearted, but shy, so maybe people don’t always see it.”

I think you can’t miss it when you observe the many ways she cares for our residents and assists her fellow team members. We congratulate Kadi, and thank her for her devoted service.