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Team Kensington Park JACQUES AUGUSTE

Team Member Highlight: Jacques Auguste

“He constantly steps up in a lead role, although not a lead. He goes above and beyond to ensure residents receive a great dining experience. He is very motivated and ensures families and residents are well taken care of.” -Morissa Harris, Director of Dining.

“His awesome smile was obvious even before hire and is the same all the time. A great fit for the community- It is so clear that he enjoys what he does.” -Kimkitta.

JACQUES AUGUSTE Kensington ParkJacques has been with Kensington Park since July 2017, working in the dining department as a utility assistant and server.  Before joining KP, he worked with Valerie (our assistant Director of Dining) at Sodexo, for 5 years, and in Haiti, his home country. He received a college degree in business administration and worked his way up from a bank teller to a bank supervisor. He likes working with people and has held several volunteer jobs such as organizing big multi church events and working with non-profit organizations managing donation drives.

His favorite career choice would be working in the financial field or administration. He loves working at Kensington Park because he loves the residents and they love him back! When he trains new hires, he tells them that they can’t just work for their paycheck or they won’t make it. They need to be open to learning more than just the tasks of their job so they can be a good team player, and available to step in and help in other areas when needed.

Jacques followed his family here in 2011 and is now a proud U.S. Citizen. His wife and son both still live in Haiti. His son, Chrisendy, (ask Jacques how he came up with his name) is 10 and this summer he and his mother will be able to finally join Jacques in the United States!

Jacques describes himself as respectful, a person of integrity and a good communicator. Others would say he is hardworking, never lazy, always smiling, relaxed and open. He loves spaghetti and chicken and Haitian music. If he won, the lottery he would use the money to help needy children around the world. He is happiest when people are nice and treat him good. He says, “Life is a challenge, but you need to focus on your goal and just keep going. Being open and smiling helps.”

Thank you, Jacques for your beautiful smile, serving heart and commitment to our residents and families …Congratulations!