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Team Member Highlight: Human Resources

This month, we’re highlighting our Human Resources Team! The HR Department consists of Laura Woolery, Director of Human Resources and Acacia Laing, Human Resources Assistant.

Laura and Acacia are responsible for overseeing all of Kensington Park’s 245 team members. Perhaps their most impressive feat of all time is that Team KP is now officially 100% vaccinated against COVID-19! Let’s say that one more time for good measure…

All 245 team members at Kensington Park are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. WOW! This took a lot of work on HR’s end: setting up onsite vaccine clinics this past winter in partnership with Walgreens, encouraging and educating hesitant team members, collecting proper documentation from everyone and ensuring newly hired employees are fully vaccinated or have appointments to get fully vaccinated before their start dates. And we’ve finally made it!

The pandemic certainly added a lot of complex challenges to HR’s responsibilities. Shortly after COVID testing become more widely available last spring, HR began rolling out onsite weekly testing for all team members. This was no simple task and involved managing weekly supplies from the local lab, finding adequate space for routine testing on campus that complied with state guidelines, training team members to do the testing and adjusting schedules, and returning the testing kits to the lab on time. This was a lot of work and we are so grateful for their dedication.

In addition to all this, HR is superb when it comes to recognizing and appreciating all our KP team members. Last month, they organized a special treat for everybody – a Food Truck afternoon! And not to mention the annual Employee Banquet, where special awards and prizes are given and we dance the night away, as well as the Employee Picnic, a carnival-style celebration (complete with a dunk tank) for the team and their families every summer.

Join us in congratulating Laura and Acacia this month. They help keep Team KP running as one, big happy family!