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Team Kensington Park JACQUES AUGUSTE

Team Member Highlight: Diamond Carter

Diamond originally started with Kensington Park in March of 2017 as a Concierge. A year later, Diamond left KP to give birth to her beautiful baby girl Lauren who is now 1-year-old. Diamond’s first born is D’Angelo who is 5 years old and is in the 1st grade.

Diamond was born in Washington, DC where she resided with both her parents.

She recently moved into her own apartment in Kensington. Diamond was a little nervous about making this move, but now she is very happy and wishes she would have done so earlier. And, as we all know timing is everything.

Diamond’s short-term goal is to get her Drivers License and purchase a vehicle. She loves helping others, enjoys working at Kensington Park as a Housekeeper, and the friends she has met here.

Diamond considers herself to be a very passionate kind person and keeps a smile on her face. She enjoys a good steak with a baked potato. She loves oldies, but goodies music. She considers herself an “old soul.” Diamond’s advice to her generation is to be respectful to others, yourself, and to love one another. What great “Words of Wisdom!”