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Team Member Highlight: Caroline Akunwafor, LPN

Caroline Akunwafor, LPN, Memory Care

Portrait of Caroline Akunwafor Memory Care Nurse at Kensington Park Senior LivingCaroline exemplifies a true team player. She demonstrates leadership and ownership in her job. She has been proactive in making sure her night team has all the information and training they need to do their best and give great care to our residents. Caroline has been at Kensington Park since September 2014. She has worked as a nurse in both our Assisted Living and Memory Care communities. Caroline is from Nigeria. She is a twin and the second of five siblings. Caroline describes herself as confident, hardworking and outspoken.

Once, while working as a cashier. She was asked to help out when the store was short of meat cutters. She refused, knowing how many of the men cut their fingers! Someday, she says, she’d like to be a surgeon and knows she’d need her fingers for that.

She likes to travel and so far has been to Italy, New York City, Chicago, North Carolina, Missouri and Arizona. Some things you might not know about Caroline are that she can’t resist chocolate, she could eat bread and avocados every day if she had to, and she can sleep 24 hours straight without food. She says she is happiest when she is sleeping and, if she won the lottery, she says she’d buy a well-decorated house. Her favorite quote is “A stitch in time saves nine!” What she likes most about Kensington Park is the neatness of the buildings and their grounds.

“The very first day I stepped foot at Kensington Park, I was overjoyed to see how neat and inviting the place was. And it is still the same way today.”

If she could switch jobs with anyone else at Kensington Park, she says, “I would like to switch jobs with Mary for an hour, because I know I couldn’t handle it for a day. I don’t know how she does it, but she is doing a fantastic job. She makes sure that every problem is solved and everyone is comfortable doing their job. I really admire her energy.” Her advice to new hires is to “Work hard, give it all your best, whether anybody sees you or not. Don’t pretend to work hard only when your supervisor is around and become a different person when they are not around. Working hard will pay off in the end.”

Congratulations, Caroline! And thank you for working hard to take care of our residents.