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Kensington Park Team Job Fair

Team Member Highlight: Bakery Nayangado

Bakery Nayangado is one of Kensington Park’s dining department cooks. It is his responsibility, day in and day out, to provide residents with nutritious and delicious meals, and he takes great pride in ensuring that everything that leaves his kitchen meets Kensington Park’s high standards. His award-winning soups have earned such widespread acclaim that we are now gearing up to package and sell them!


Bakery comes to work each day ready to conquer any challenge he may meet. Whether preparing special “altered texture” items for those with eating difficulties or providing various side items to accompany each meal, he makes sure every resident is well taken care of. Bakery is a team player with a great sense of humor who brings warm camaraderie to the kitchen and its dining team. His colleagues say it is truly a joy to work alongside him because you can count on him to give 200% every day. Oh, and did we also mention that Bakery maintains a spotless attendance record? As the exceptional team member he is, Bakery takes the initiative to ensure deliveries are properly unloaded and stored and that cleaning and food preparation are completed on time, all while often being the only cook in the kitchen until the rest of the gang arrives. Bakery never complains and always remains humble and passionate about his work.


Bakery was born and raised in Gambia, where his parents and siblings still live. He is the eldest of seven — four brothers and two sisters. His favorite memory of back home is being all together as a family for dinner because he so misses his mom’s cooking!


Bakery came to the U.S. in 2003, and lived in Minnesota, where he took a four-month anatomy course and completed a radiology apprenticeship.


He came to Maryland in 2004 and took his first job as a dining-room server in an assisted-living community. One day in 2005, one of the facility’s cooks didn’t show up for work, Bakery stepped in, and it was all history from there. Even without any previous cooking experience, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and he’s had a spoon in his hand ever since.


While not at work, Bakery’s favorite pastime is playing video games or watching action movies. He describes himself as someone who is easy to get along with and someone who gets along with everyone.


Congratulations, Bakery, on being recognized as Kensington Park’s Team Member of the Month!