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Team Member Highlight: Adan Barrera

“I would like to nominate Adan Barrera as the team member of the month” Adan comes to work with a smile on his face ready to conquer the day.  He is extremely organized and has impeccable time management skills.  He takes on big cleaning assignments without being asked.  He goes above and beyond each day. He never complains about the workload and its A LOT!  After every event, he is left with massive amounts of pots and pans and cleans it all with pride. He typically goes unnoticed…but he is dependable, has great passion for what he does and has Respect for everyone.” -Morissa Harris

Adan BarreraAdan has been with Kensington Park since February 2014. Before joining KP, he worked for Dunkin Donuts for 26 years. In his opinion, that was the most interesting and unusual job he has ever done. If given the chance, he would love to be the President for one day. His first order of business would be to declare Tacos and Pupusas a national holiday since that is the one dish he couldn’t live without.

Adan describes himself as a strong, joyful and brave individual: young at heart. He is happiest when spending time with his family especially spending time with his son. Adan has been told he resembles Sitting Bull a Native American leader from Hunkpapa Lakota.

One of Adan hobbies is house maintenance. He loves to work around the house and always has some type of house project going on. If he ever changed careers, he would be a construction worker. However, we don’t have to worry about Adan leaving us anytime soon because Morissa his manger is: “The best one I’ve had.” Adan’s advice to new hires is that communication is key to working as a team and at Kensington Park everyone is a part of the team.

Adan’s proudest moment besides his family was becoming a U.S. Citizen.  He said he worked very hard to become a citizen and he is honored to be an American.

Thank you, Adan for your dedication…Congratulations!