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senior respite care

What is Senior Respite Care and How Can It Help a Loved One?

Self-care is essential when you are a caregiver. It helps you feel refreshed and maintain a healthy relationship with your senior loved one. While caring for a loved one is rewarding, it can also take a toll on you physically and psychologically. Not taking time out for yourself can lead to feelings of depression, anger, and resentment. 

As a caregiver, you have probably felt overwhelmed at some point, possibly even experiencing caregiver burnout. Caring for another person, especially aging parents, can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. Senior respite care is available to give caregivers a temporary break. 

With respite care, you have many options to choose from. Maybe, you only need the afternoon off. Or perhaps you want to go on vacation for a week. Both choices are acceptable and beneficial for both you and your loved one. Often, seniors enjoy respite care as they can participate in activities and socialize with other adults. 

How senior respite care helps you 

Respite care allows you more freedom and time for yourself. No matter how much you love your senior, providing daily care can be challenging. When you choose respite care, it gives you peace of mind. You know that your senior loved one will be safe and cared for by compassionate respite care providers

Another way that respite care can ease your mind is by allowing you to see how your senior loved one responds to being cared for by others. Before you need to use respite care, you can test it for a day or two.

When you choose respite care offered at a memory care community or other independent living community, your senior loved one can participate in everything that the other residents do. This can also help you, and your loved one choose an assisted living community when the time comes, and they need to make that transition.

Benefits of respite care for seniors 

Senior loved ones in respite care are kept safe in a supportive environment, which is probably one of your biggest concerns. Just as it will make you feel better, a safe environment will make your senior loved one feel more comfortable and relaxed as well.  

If you choose an assisted living or memory care community for respite care, your loved one can participate in life enrichment activities, which is great for their body and mind. 

Health and wellness are essential when it comes to caring for a senior. Even with the best intentions, it may be difficult for you to give them the amount of socialization they need, and most seniors are at risk of isolation. 

Types of respite care

When you decide that your senior loved one needs respite care, you are not limited to one choice. You have multiple options, and the one you choose may depend on the type of help you need and the needs of your senior. 

In-home care

This is an excellent option if you only need a few hours of help a week or overnight care. When your senior is independent and more comfortable staying in their home, all they may need is supervision.

With in-home care, you may receive respite care services from volunteers coming from faith-based or non-profit organizations. Or, you may receive assistance from trained staff, personal care services, and homemaker services. 

Adult daycare centers

These types of centers are specifically designed for older adults who are less independent and who may be lonely. These seniors likely require more attention and help with daily tasks than those who can stay in their homes.

The one downfall to daycare centers is that they only operate during the day, on weekdays. So, if you need overnight help or help during the weekends, this would not be the best choice for you and your loved one. 

Assisted living communities

A short stay in an assisted living community could be one of the best choices for your senior loved one. This is especially true if they require respite care often, are unable to complete daily tasks alone, and need to transition over to an assisted living or memory care community in the near future. 

Choosing an assisted living community also allows you to get a glimpse at how your senior loved one will be living if they move there. For instance, while there, you can see what rehabilitation services they provide, what type of dining services they offer,  and what kind of activities your loved one will participate in. 

Let Kensington Park Senior Living help 

Making important decisions for an aging parent or another aging loved one can be difficult. You want to do what is best for them while doing what is suitable for you as well. One person can only do so much on their own, which is why it is wise to reach out for support when you need it. 

After being a caregiver for so long, even with respite care, you may have to decide if it is time for your senior loved one to transition and receive more help. At times, even with the best intentions, you may not be able to provide your loved one with the assistance they need, especially when it involves medical services. 

When your senior loved one needs more help than you can offer, this is when you may want to consider what type of help would benefit them most. It could be in-home care, independent living, assisted living, or memory care services. 

At Kensington Park Senior Living, it’s Our Promise to treat our residents like we do our own family. We give them love, attention, support, and appreciation. We know that maintaining and improving our residents’ health is essential for their happiness and well-being, which is why our staff goes out of their way to provide the best care. 

Contact us if you have any questions about our respite care options. We will help you make the right choice for your senior loved one based on their individual needs. 


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