Resident Spotlight: Mary Lou T.

Mary Lou T. was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1921. Her father was a dress salesman and her mother a homemaker. The Great Depression brought hard times for everyone, her family included. At the age of 16, her mother passed away from cancer. Mary Lou and her one brother, Frank, lived with their Aunt and Uncle for the rest of their school years. She was always pitching in to help raise her little brother. She was a star student at Catholic school with a passion for learning Latin. Though her school was too small for a formal sports program, Mary Lou still had a lifelong love of sports. During high school, Mary Lou met Bob, her high school sweetheart. They attended different schools in Pittsburgh but were each other’s dates to their proms. After high school, World War II gripped the nation and Bob was drafted into the service. Bob served 3 years in Europe as a member of the infantry at the Supreme Headquarters. Bob and Mary Lou got engaged during the war and they would write letters to each other every single day. Mary Lou was keen to have Bob return home.
Immediately following the war, the couple married and honeymooned in New York City. While on their honeymoon, Bob received a letter from the Department of State. His former Colonel from the Army was appointed to the head of communications for the State Department and had recommended Bob for a job. As soon as they got back from their honeymoon, they began preparing to move from Pennsylvania to Washington D.C. to start their new life together. After a year and a half of marriage, Mary Lou had her first son (also named Bob!). Mary Lou would have 5 sons: Bob, Rick, Jim, John and Bill. Mary Lou stayed home and took on the formidable task of raising 5 boys while Bob worked for the State Department. She even found time to volunteer at the school and help at her church. The family loved to vacation in Ocean City, Maryland and after retirement Mary Lou and Bob became “snowbirds,” spending 25 winters in the Fort Lauderdale area. They would have loved to stay permanently in Florida but returned to Maryland to be close to family. Loving the beach must run in the family because one of her sons recently moved to Ocean City! Mary Lou has been blessed with 7 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Her family is very close; they visit and keep in touch often. Mary Lou has lived at Kensington Park for the last 4 years. She loves to participate in the morning news discussions and has been a lifelong lover of learning. She is especially fond of Wednesday Happy Hour when her old friends Karen, Patty and Joe tend bar and visit with her.