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Resident Spotlight: Kaaren R.

Here in the Groves, resident Kaaren R. is one of our most famous artists in the building! With her very creative personality, it’s not a normal day in the Groves if you don’t see her painting, baking, or exercising!

Kaaren was born in Phoenix, AZ, and moved 10 times before she was eight years old due to her father’s work. Kaaren’s name (Karr-uhn) is the Norwegian version of the name Karen, and she will be sure to correct anyone who mispronounces it! Kaaren’s paternal grandfather immigrated from Norway and found a small town, Velva North Dakota, where young Kaaren spent many of her long summer days. This town is now known as the home of Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels!

Kaaren’s family settled in Santa Barbara, CA, where Kaaren graduated from high school. She went on to receive her BA from Wellesley College in English literature and eventually her Law Degree from American University. Kaaren was always very creative and enjoyed painting, cooking, decorating, entertaining, and gardening. She was even admitted into the prestigious and juried California Art Club, where she impressed so many people that multiple art shows portrayed her work!

Kaaren was first married to a man named Andrew, with whom she had two beautiful children. Together, they raised their kids in Washington, DC, for 20 years. Kaaren eventually moved back to Santa Barbara and got remarried to her former high school beau, Jim. They were married for close to 30 years before Jim passed away in 2007. Kaaren’s son, Campbell, currently lives in Fresno, CA, and has two children, while Kaaren’s daughter, Chrisanna, lives in the area and is a frequent visitor here at Kensington Park.

Today, Kaaren is an active KP resident! She is very proud of her children, whom she frequently talks about, and enjoys attending music programs, participating in baking and cooking activities, and showing off her artistic talent. We are so lucky to have Kaaren here with us in the Groves!