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Resident Spotlight: Janaan C.

Kensington Park was delighted to welcome Janaan C. in October 2021!

Janaan was an only child growing up on a farm in Peosta, Iowa, just a few miles from Dubuque. Her early education was in a one-room schoolhouse, with less than ten students of all ages. Not overly outgoing or social, Janaan helped on the farm and enjoyed being around the animals. She was often right by her mother’s side helping with household chores and gardening. When children came over to visit with their parents, they were excited to play in Janaan’s unique playhouse which was wired for electricity – they could cook and bake using the toy electric stove!

As Janaan entered high school, the family moved to Key West, Iowa, a town with three grocery stores and a fish fry at the Roadhouse on Friday nights. The high school in Dubuque was a substantial change because it was much larger. Janaan was an incredibly good student and graduated at age 16. She was a member of the Girls Glee Club, enjoyed singing, and took piano lessons!

Throughout her youth, Janaan had a few health issues that lead to hospitalizations early in her life. It was while in the hospital that Janaan watched the student nurses and found it interesting, leading her to enroll in nursing school.

After receiving a full-tuition scholarship, sponsored by the Physicians Wives Association, Janaan went on to attend Finley Hospital School of Nursing in Dubuque. Looking to continue her nursing education and with one of her fellow students, she took off in her ol’ 1950’s Chevy and continued her nursing studies in Pennsylvania, then to New York City at Columbia University. She worked in the OB-GYN operating room for more than nine years. It was during this time that she met Robert “Bob,” an annuity and pension plan contract writer. Six months later, they were married. Three weeks before their one-year anniversary, they welcomed their son, Andrew. Soon after, they welcome their daughter, Amanda, and the family of four was now ready for a move – primarily to find a good school system.

In 1972, the family purchased a brand new home and moved to a suburb commutable to a Hudson River town called Croton-on-Hudson. In the early 1980’s, Robert sadly fought a year and a half battle with oral cancer. He passed February 12, 1983.

In 1991, Janaan retired from nursing. In 2005, she subsequently made the move to Friendship Heights in Chevy Chase, MD to be close to her son and his family. She started volunteering at Suburban Hospital in the medical records department and volunteered at the Montgomery County Thrift Shop. She also joined the Women’s Club of Chevy Chase, where she helped with events and still plays bridge there. She also ushered at the Strathmore Music Center in Rockville. Janaan has four grandchildren, all of whom she is immensely proud of.

We are delighted that Janaan chose Kensington Park for the next chapter of her story. Her engagement with other residents is so pleasant that you just want to be a part of whatever the conversation is! We look forward to many great times with you, Janaan!