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Resident Spotlight: Helen H.

American life changed drastically in the decade most referred to as the “Roarin’ Twenties.” By the mid 1920’s, most homes in America had electricity and a radio. Meanwhile, the introduction of modern appliances created more opportunity for leisure activities. While Prohibition forbade the sale and manufacturing of alcohol, there were plenty of exciting, legal pastimes accessible. Silent Films ushered in the new “talking” pictures. Newfound wealth inspired consumer growth and the spread of chain stores. Car registration in the United States nearly tripled in a ten year span and one out of every five people in Montgomery County, MD owned a car. Life was looking up in the years following the Great War. For George and Ethel M., the joys of modern living would only be amplified by the arrival of their beautiful baby girl, Helen.

Helen Dorothy M. was born on March 3, 1928 in Silver Spring, MD. Her father, George, earned his living as an auto-mechanic by day and a projectionist at the historic Silver Theatre by night. Her mother, Ethel, supported the family as an early telephone operator for AT&T. As an only child, Helen would spend plenty of time with her doting parents, but also swiftly found her own interests. At the tender age of six, Helen began horseback riding. With guidance from her Uncle Gardner, a renowned Hunter Equitation Judge, horses quickly became one of Helen’s lifelong passions. When not pursuing equestrian adventures, Helen could often be found reading, another one of her favorite hobbies.

Well-rounded, lovely, and intelligent; it’s not difficult to see why anyone would fall in love with Helen. Charles H. certainly did! Charles and Helen met and fell in love in high school (St. John’s College High School and Calvin Coolidge High School, respectively). After graduation, Helen acquired her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland. Married in 1949, the couple spent the first year of their marriage in South Bend, Indiana as Charles finished his degree at Notre Dame. He graduated magna cum laude and soon began his career as an agent for Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. The couple moved back to Chevy Chase to raise their family. During this time, Helen and Charles had four children: Charles, Patricia, Stephen, and James.

In addition to being a full-time mother, Helen was President of the Junior Women’s Club of Chevy Chase and the Women’s Republican Club. As if that wasn’t enough, she also contributed as a Board Member for the American Heart Association for the Greater Washington Area. In her leisure time, Helen also earned respect as a competitive bridge player.

Today, Helen is grandmother to nine incredible grandchildren, and a great grandmother to six great grandchildren! She is an active, fun-loving participant in the K-Club and is always up to trying something new. She is adored by everyone on campus. Kensington Park is lucky to have such a gem of a lady!