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Resident Spotlight: Harvey B.

Here in the Woodlands, you can’t miss easy and outgoing Harvey B. attending jeopardy, documentaries, special events, or any activity, especially if it involves socializing with others. Harvey’s open and warm personality is apparent through his engagements with his fellow residents and the stories he shares with all he comes across at the Woodlands. The staff knows him well for his kindness and openness to talk to anyone.

Harvey was born in Northwest Washington, DC in 1943. He is one of two siblings. His older sister resides in New York. His mother was a homemaker and his father was an attorney. An overall renaissance man, his father was also a professor and taught at multiple universities. Harvey was very close to his father and holds fond memories of their relationship.

After high school, Harvey attended the University of Wisconsin. He “spent the best four years of his life in Madison, Wisconsin.” Harvey loved history, and during college, he enjoyed reading books on varying historical periods. After graduating college in 1966 with a bachelor’s degree in history, Harvey moved back to DC and earned his MBA at American University in 1968. He was then offered a more permanent position as a home builder.

As a young man in his 20s during the 1960s, he grew up in segregated Washington, and was influenced by the 1960s and the civil rights movement. This would serve as the catalyst for his servitude and dedication to disadvantaged groups later in his life.

In the 1970s, he continued working as a home builder along with a partner who did investments. He worked on many pivotal and instrumental projects in the DMV area. He also started a family during this time. He has three kids: Josh, Abbey, and Jeff. Being a father is one of his biggest accomplishments. Harvey is very proud and close to his children. He also adores his seven grandchildren!

By the 2000s, Harvey was living by himself and retired. He picked up different hobbies, with travel being one of his favorites. He took a tour of Europe and went to Indonesia in Southeast Asia. During this time, he was contacted by the University of Wisconsin, who wanted him to be a part of an initiative to recruit disadvantaged high school students in DC to go to college. Known as The Posse Foundation, Harvey and other members would raise money and hold fundraisers to help recent high school graduates go to school and set them up for success. He also served on the admissions board and wrote many letters of recommendation for his students. Harvey didn’t stop there. He supported the students through all four years of college, many of whom are minorities. Even after the first cohort of POSSE students graduated in 2015, he helped his students land careers. Harvey was very involved and hands-on every step of the way. Not only did Harvey change their lives, but he said “they changed my life as well.” Today, many of his students pay him visits here at the Woodlands. Harvey is well respected and a highly regarded man in the community and higher education sector.

Today, you can find Harvey enjoying exercise classes and news discussion during morning activities. He also enjoys documentaries, art, and trivia. Most importantly, Harvey loves the socialization aspect of any activity, and you can always find him striking up a conversation with a fellow resident. We are so happy to have Harvey in the Woodlands.