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Resident Spotlight: Alice M.

Here in the Woodlands, you may hear an unmistakable Boston accent and captivating stories from an amazing woman named Alice M. Alice is full of life, welcoming, and so sweet – and is always willing to make a new friend, especially over a glass of Chardonnay! She is well-known by staff and residents for having the best stories and jokes about travel, her life growing up in Boston, and her family.

In 1931 in Boston, Alice was born to two Irish parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Ireland for work during the Irish Potato famine. The fifth of six children, Alice enjoyed growing up in the Mission Hill section of Boston, where many other Irish Immigrants lived and worked, and where she spent time with her friends and siblings while attending Mission High, a co-ed Catholic high school.

Alice met her husband, Joe, in Cape Cod when she was 20 years old and on summer vacation with her friends. Joe happened to be staying in the house next door, and she knew once she saw him that he was the one. Alice asked him to give her a ride to the grocery store – and the rest is history. Joe and Alice married in 1953 and went on to raise four children: two girls and two boys. Alice and Joe moved to Bethesda for his work, and they lived in the area ever since. Alice stayed busy between being a stay-at-home mom, active within their neighborhood, and having many hobbies and passions. She has always been an active lady, from playing golf and bowling, reading, exercising, and trying new things like needlepoint (she has a beautiful pillow that she made in a class).

Alice has a wide variety of interests, including politics (shown by her volunteerism at the polls during elections), music, and art. She attended many shows as a season ticket holder at the Olney Theater and has a wide knowledge of music, shows, and pop culture. Alice was also a volunteer at Suburban Hospital for more than 25 years! She was part of a group of volunteers that screened and installed lifeline technology in people’s homes, providing the first opportunity to have a lifeline in emergencies.

Throughout the years, Joe and Alice traveled widely throughout the world for both Joe’s work and for pleasure. Some of these places included Mexico, China, Canada, and Ireland. Alice has traveled to Ireland three times to visit her family and see the place where her parents grew up. When asked what her favorite travel experience was, Alice said visiting China! “It was quiet and peaceful, and the people were delightful,” said Alice.

Joe and Alice were married for 63 wonderful years. Alice now enjoys spending time with her children (whom she is very proud of), her eight grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren! She also enjoys attending morning exercise classes, current event discussions and happy hour. Alice continues using her wide knowledge and curiosity. We are so lucky to have such a warm, kind and beautiful person such as Alice here with us in the Woodlands!