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Resident Highlight: Mildred M.

portrait of Mildred M a resident at Kensington Park Senior LivingHere at Kensington Park we know her as “Red,” but to her family and friends she’s best known as “Green Eyes.” Mildred Miller is a loving mother, and was a positive figure in her community and a strong leader in her professional life.

Mildred joined Beth El Congregation and jumped right in to prepare food for the Hebrew school alongside other women while she served as President of the Sisterhood. She quickly switched gears and accepted her appointment as the first Vice President of Beth El.

During her tenure in that position, Mildred’s confidence, wisdom and determination allowed her to pull the congregation out of financial hardship. She developed positive relationships with many of the members, and her attitude and persuasiveness resulted in an upsurge in generous donations. Mildred focused on the survival of the Synagogue, creating a budget plan that continues to serve the organization well, long after Mildred’s departure. Mildred went on to serve as President at Beth El for three terms. She was the first woman to serve as President and she paved the way for the many women who followed her.

Mildred is a true legend within her community and is very well loved here at Kensington Park. Her warm smile, charm and spunky personality shine on!