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Resident Highlight: Helen F.

Helen F and Family enjoy Kensington Park Senior LivingHelen F., of the Woodlands, has a sense of family that extends far beyond the conventional understanding of the word. Born in Brooklyn, she and her brother were raised in a loving environment where Mom was a homemaker while Dad operated a company that manufactured paper boxes. Helen went on to graduate from N.Y.U. and worked briefly in her Father’s office. She met her future husband, Allen, through a blind date arranged by 2 of their Aunts. The ladies must have known something because Helen and Allen have been married for over 65 years now. The couple lived in New York until Allen landed a Federal government position in Washington. He would eventually become Chief General Counsel for the National Bureau of Standards. During these years Helen was quite busy making a home for their children, Kenneth and Rachelle. As the kids grew up, she also performed market research for the Gallup Poll and numerous private business around the DC area. However, Helen possessed a greater desire to serve members of the human family that we know as our community. When all is said and done, she has always given of herself to others in thousands of ways we will never know, and this is what makes her a star in any galaxy.

Consequently, she did volunteer work and became an ombudsman for Montgomery County. In this capacity, Helen represented patients’ rights at Brooke Grove Nursing Home. In addition, she spent 9 years leading activities In Adult Daycare at Holy Cross Hospital. Later, Helen became a Reading Specialist for 3rd grade students who required special needs. She frequently volunteered, also, at the Bethesda Crisis Center. During these years, Helen and Allen lived in Silver Spring, and then Leisure World where Allen still resides. Since arriving at Kensington Park, Helen has quickly embraced her new lifestyle, complete with activities to join, and people to befriend. In particular, she relishes the many musical performances presented with wonderful talent and lovely sounds. Helen came to KP already equipped with a great sense of humor and a limitless devotion to family.