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Resident Highlight: Gerald & Mary Ruth F.

portrait of couple at kensington park senior livingGerald & Mary Ruth have grown quite comfortable here at Kensington Park. Whether it’s reading the newspaper on the front porch or indulging in a lecture courtesy of the Activities Department, this couple actively embraces their retirement.

“We have been here for four months and out of the six properties we visited, we are happy to live at the one we found to be the most congenial.”

Their son Andrew owns a home nearby, which made their decision to relocate from Los Angeles, California, to Maryland a simple one. Education initially united the couple. Both were teachers at the same high school in Santa Monica. Mary Ruth chuckles, “He wouldn’t talk to me. He was, and still is, shy!” Between the two of them, they have dedicated over 100 years to teaching. “I made a point of taking students on trips,” beams Gerald. Shortly before he retired, he took a class to the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. There they saw pictures sent back from Mars. “The control room was full of monitors, showing footage, in real time, from various spacecraft. Everything was being recorded. You could sit there for hours,” shares Mary Ruth. Two of Gerald’s students were sons of chief engineers on the Mars Rover project. Amused by the curiosity and captive attention, staff at the Lab looked forward to their every question. The couple’s fondest memory, however, was of a public encounter where they were recognized by a former student at a bookstore in Palmdale. The student’s words still echo in Gerald’s mind, “You are the best science teacher I ever had.” The couple now enjoys swimming in their son’s pool with the grandchildren, and helping with the landscaping in his backyard. When asked about their philosophy of life, they agree that a good education is paramount. And to have lots of friends to help along the way.