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Resident Highlight: Frank J.

Frank J of Highlands Independent Living at Kensington Park Senior LivingFrank J., of the Highlands, has always believed that hard work is not so difficult if a person also leaves room on the shelf of life for all those intangibles that produce happiness. His parents were natives of Poland who met after they settled in the Boston area. Frank’s father eventually owned his own grocery store, while his mother worked in a factory. The couple would have 3 children, and Frank, with his siblings were all born and raised in Boston. During his high school years, he acquired a trade skill which, together with his academic learning, would have an overwhelming bearing on his future career. In high school, Frank took technical courses in printing that came of immediate use, following graduation, when he landed a job at a printing company. However, all this was put on hold with the outbreak of World War II. During the conflict, Frank served in the Army Air Force where he performed the hazardous duties of a belly turret gunner in a B-17. Back home after the war, he returned to his printing job, only to experience a major, and wonderful, change in his life. Frank became acquainted with a Pennsylvania girl, named Nettie, who worked as a traveling nurse, and was, for a time staying in Boston. Lo and behold, friendship turned into love and, ultimately, a marriage that spanned 63 years.

Frank and Nettie wed in April 1950, and their union was crowned with 2 daughters, Cynthia and Jane. The Jaworskis initially lived in Boston but, with Nettie’s encouragement, Frank relocated the family to Washington, D.C. where he took a position in the Government Printing Office. Frank’s quality of service later won him the appointment of Chief Contract Compliance Officer, a title he held until retirement. Meanwhile, Frank and Nettie raised their girls in Silver Spring, and as the daughters moved on, the couple explored fascinating destination around the globe. The Jaworski’s favorite spot was Australia where the people, wildlife, and landscape captured their hearts. In addition, when at home, Frank was a docent at the Smithsonian for 30 years. When Nettie passed away in 2013, Frank realized that the time had come to begin a new chapter in life. Consequently, he joined us at Kensington Park in September 2014, and has been on the go ever since. He loves the in-house Activity programs, as well as going to museums and concerts. Above all, he is extremely outgoing, friendly, and helpful with all those he happens to meet. Frank genuinely believes that there is good in everyone if only we take the time to look. In his case, we don’t need any time to see the goodness in this fine man.