Pet Spotlight: Riley Weber

kensington senior living pet friendly labrador rileyRiley Weber is a new resident of The Groves and has very quickly made lots of friends all over the building. Riley is a nine-and-a-half-year-old Labrador Retriever, which is about 66 in human years! He comes from a family with three children, including a brand new baby. Riley lives at The Groves five days a week and goes home to visit with his family on the other two days. Although he hasn’t been here long, he already seems right at home and loves visiting with the residents, family members and staff. He enjoys long walks and having his belly rubbed. He’s not a big fan of meal times, as that’s the only time he’s prevented from visiting with his many resident acquaintances. If you come to visit The Groves, stop by and say hi to our new friend Riley!